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DMR WI State Wide TG (3155) Check In net will begin weekly on Wednesday's starting on March 6th, 9PM CDT:
More details about this net will made available soon as the "Net" format is being planned! It will be fun and will be informational to all. Anyone world wide will be welcome to check in to our Cheddar Cheese Dairyland State net of WI!
If you want to help participate with this weekly net as "Net Control" please inquire via email. Net Control experience is preferred but help to guide you through the process will be made available. if you have any suggestions of content or ideas to share for this net..please inquire via email reply.

Ham Friendly Breakfast News:
This Saturday Feb 16th join us in Racine at the Meadows (Franksville) for Ham Friendly breakfast at 8am.

A Special Ham Breakfast on Tour is planned in Kenosha by Membership request:
 Kenosha Ham Friendly Breakfast goes to the ALL YOU CAN EAT! Golden Corral Located in Kenosha (Hwy 50 & Hwy 31) on Saturday March 9th, 2019
7:30 am Doors open at the Golden Corral we will begin to eat about 8am. Lakeshore Repeater Association has a RSVP reservation for the Back PARTY ROOM for up to 55 people ! Plenty of room for your HT's on the table! Plenty to eat! Come HUNGRY!
Prices are (plus tax) $9.49 adult and $8.99 for Seniors (water is free, beverage may be extra).
Check out the Website calendar for complete details.

Popular DMR contacts download wizard site now charges a yearly subscription fee:
Just recently, the popular used contacts wizard site ( http://www.amateurradio.digital/ ) now charges a yearly subscription. This site compiles complete customizable style contacts for many different radios including the popular AnyTone models. There may be other Free sites out there but this is a good one, especially for the AnyTone DMR radio. We will subscribe for a year and post AnyTone contact files on the Members Section of our website https://kr9rk.org/members . Since your a Lakeshore member you will have access to a recent contact file for the AnyTone portable radio. It will update it approx every 30-45 days. If you need contacts for other radio models you can request it via our website OR you may need to subscribe or use one of the other free sites out there to suit your needs.

Robin Mather - WB9COW
Vice President
Lakeshore Repeater Association