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Hello LRA Members! Save this Day!

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Special Thanks to Chief Sean Marschke KD9FGF for getting the Sturtevant Village Hall and Kitchen Areas reserved for us to use at no cost to LRA.

1st Annual Wisconsin Winter LRA Chili Crock Cook Off! Sunday January 7th, 2018 3pm at the Sturtevant Village Hall

Come on in and Warm up! Cook off the New Year!

Free Beginner and advanced DMR Class Discussion group starts at 3:30 PM!

Prize Drawings (2017 TYT Dual Band DMR/Analog Portable)!

 $5.00 donation at the door per person (DMR classes are Free)

Bring your Chili Recipe in your Favorite Crock pot for a Blind Taste Test competition!


All Area Amateur Radio Clubs, Individual Amateur System owners and Amateur Operators are encouraged to compete with a Hot Crock of Chili! Represent your Repeater / Club on how warm it gets with a Crock of Chili! Don’t go down in flames and bring on your Best Crock full of Chili to the Cook Off. Blind Taste test judges will be pre-selected at the event. RSVP your Chili Crock today!

We will have our own hearty meaty Chili crock for all to enjoy with donation. Corn bread, Fritos, Milk, Cheese, Beverage etc…


Visit LRA Website: www.kr9rk.org  for more information

RSVP your Chile Crock: http://kr9rk.org/club-info/contact-us/

Sturtevant Village Hall Address2801 89th St, Sturtevant, WI 53177


Mike - N9OEZ - KR9RK Lakeshore Repeater Association Trustee.



Santa Claus Net for Kids December 24th 7-930 PM CST WI  TG 3155 Slot 1 on KR9RK

 1. Net comes up at 7pm looking for Santa Claus watch Stations to check in. locations of these stations will be needed to help track Santa when he is in the area. Stations that check in will be needed for any reports on Santa, whether it’s a stop, flyby or any news regarding Santa’s progress throughout the net.

 2. After the initial checkins of Santa watchers, we need a special news station to volunteer. This station will need to be at the North Pole to report any activity with Santa, Toy Factory, Reindeer's, Elves, Mrs. Claus, weather reports..etc..this Station will need to be on standby through out the entire net.

3. Special Stop Stations Ex… at Gen Mitchell Airport..Santa will need to stop to feed/rest the reindeer. Special arrangements and preparation of the air field will need to be done before Santa’s flying craft can land at a International Airport. Rudolf will have to undergo a physical maintenance check having his Red Light replaced / checked for lumens of brightness to comply with FAA sleigh craft guidelines to take off and complete Santa’s journey of deliveries. A lot of behind the scenes work will need to be done so Santa can get his journey complete before sunrise. Santa will need your help!

 4. More of these special stations are Welcome anywhere in the USA..EX.. O’Hare Field, Military Base or popular public place of intrest..Any last minute special requests from kids may be taken if Santa is available to talk on the radio during his busy evening.

 5. Santa Claus himself or Mrs. Claus can use any stations radio as a 3rd party traffic. After all Santa doesn’t have a Ham radio license or DMR ID and needs to use someone’s Ham radio to pass traffic.

 6. Most of all …Keep it going! Be creative. Keep it fun and exciting for kids.

 7. Any role above can be passed on to a new station. And if a station ends up riding with Santa for a while to the next stop..some sleigh bells in the background will be a plus.

 8. Watch out for the Green Grinch..he wants to steel Christmas and sabotage Santa’s journey from being successful.

 9. At any Santa Stop Stations. any kid as 3rd party can say hello to Santa one last time before he/she needs to go to bed! Mrs. Claus will have the Naughty or Nice list handy, If needed, she can confirm any kids current status for Santa at any time. Yes Santa will have a bag of coal along on the ride for the Naughty list.

10. Help Santa stop stations avoid any delays. Volunteer assistance getting maint/ crews or assistance in the event the sleigh ride becomes inoperative or if any of the reindeer's need help to keep their journey up to speed.

11. Anyone playing the Santa role..its HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas to all! And to All A good Night!
If anyone wishes to volunteer any characters for Santa Claus net or have any other ideas for the net. Please let me know. Its gonna take place for 2 and hours..so we have plenty of time. Lets not steer away from the topic during the net. Remember kids will be listening and will get bored fast if no Santa information or delivery status of those presents are not being conveyed.

Have Fun and Merry Christmas! Mike – N9OEZ