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WI State Wide TG (3155) Cheddar Head Cheese Net!

The WI State Wide TG (3155) "Cheddar Head Cheese Net is held Every Wednesday' 9PM CDT . All Amateur radio operators are Welcome to check-in. Hear about - State Wide announcements, Vicki's delightful dish recipe of the week. Join in with the weekly discussion topic until we Cut the Cheese!

If you want to help participate with this weekly net, host a discussion topic, even as "Net Control", please inquire via email to receive our preamble for the net. If you have any suggestions of content or ideas to share for this net..please inquire via email reply to: CHCN@kr9rk.info
Lakeshore KR9RK DMR repeater access is 440.00625 +5, Colour code 9, DMR WI State Wide TG (3155) Slot 1.